We’re looking for a Chief of Staff to serve as a trusted advisor and support to the CEO & founder at Reincubate. You’ll have deep access to the senior management and board of a growth software company, getting deep into the business, helping it scale with structure and careful management.

We’re building on the success of Camo (reincubate.com/camo), which helps you easily get great video for meeting, streaming, or recording, and is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, with more platforms in the pipeline. Camo was nominated for an Apple Design Award in 2023 and featured in Microsoft’s Build ‘24 and '23 keynotes. The Verge called it “a solution to all your webcam problems” and users have rated it 4.85/5 on the App Store. Camo has sophisticated AI/ML capabilities, and it takes advantage of NPUs on the latest and greatest Windows AI PCs.

Reincubate’s customers include teams at Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon, the world’s top universities, VIPs around the world, and plenty of people who just want to look better online. The company’s work has been recognised by HM King Charles III, and users rate Reincubate as one of the UK’s most-loved software companies (reincubate.com/about).

This role is remote and in UK hours, though you'd be require to visit, meet or host in the company's London office periodically. Here’s Aidan the CEO & founder talking about the role.

You will:

  • Drive internal process, program management and priority setting, running the OKR and goal setting processes and the meeting, dash and schedule around them
  • Take a lead role in people operations, taking the pulse of the team and supporting the design and evolution of the organisation
  • Support special projects and strategic portfolio projects, building plans, guiding the team through them, and managing a number of key relationships
  • Work with the CEO to maximise their capability and effectiveness with a range of tasks around the business

We will:

  • Give you deep access to the business: founder, senior management, and board, and a foundational understanding of how it works – and grows
  • Give you the opportunity to make a profound impact on the business, its team and products
  • Help you set up and contribute to a productive working environment: delight builds on delight
  • Give you autonomy in your work, we trust you to solve hard problems well
  • Help you settle into your role, manage your responsibilities, and grow as a member of the team: progress comes through sustainable growth
  • Provide a space for you to share your opinions and ideas on any topic; integrity and openness are bedrocks of how we interact with one another and our users
  • Provide excellent benefits: competitive salary, 25 days’ paid vacation, flexible hours, remote work, stock options, healthcare, paid parental leave, matched 401(k), equipment, allowances for home-offices, remote work & professional development

You might suit this role if you are:

  • Super organised and process-oriented: excellent time-management, data-driven decision-making, and an eye for detail
  • Focused on getting things done, biassed and enthusiastic towards taking action and finding answers with a reputation for never dropping the ball
  • High trust, and able to work with sensitive and confidential information day to day
  • Capable of thinking strategically and understanding what is important vs. urgent
  • Great at facilitation – synthesising multiple points of view and aligning on direction
  • Capable of becoming a senior leader with the organisation as it evolves
  • Appreciative of our values: creating delight, “it just works”, sustainability, and integrity

You might not suit this role if you

  • Aren’t a complete/finisher, or prefer highly predictable environments
  • Want to go deep in a particular areas rather than going broad in many
  • Want to pursue venture-backed startups or value growth at any cost
  • Don’t relate to the team’s values

You’ll maximise your chances when applying if you:

  • Have a good handle on the Chief of Staff role in tech startups (see 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Take a time to look at who we are, and what we’re looking for, and give us a great idea of who you are and what you’re about
  • Share examples of you succeeding with the sort of things we’re looking for in your cover letter